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Fruit Bonanza Progressive

Fruit Bonanza Progressive


The Fruit machine slot machines, like Fruit Bonanza Slot, go a long way in gaming history. Traditionally, land-based fruit machine slots were found in arcades, pubs and hotel lobbies across the UK. Most machines had a variety and combination of symbols. The fruit machines slots originally emanated from the first Liberty Bell slot machine created by Charles Fey. Liberty Bell was a simplified slot machine with 3 reels, high card symbols and the liberty Bell Icon. The Golden bell replaced the Liberty Bell in future machines. However, Charles Fey introduced fruit symbols on the next machine he designed.

With the gaming industry booming and moving into a new age and technology, these slots machines developed even more and more. With the evolution and innovation of the Video slots machine, it became much simpler to offer a mixture of creative slots with more fruity and other symbols and a blend of the two.

The evolution of video slots took such a dimension that today’s video slots have more and more interactive elements, advance bonus features all culminating in superb and electrifying graphics, with modern sound and melodies. There will be more evolution in the future and it is only a matter of time.

Key Features and Betting

Fruit Bonanza Slot is a 5 reel, 9 line video slots game. You can bet up to a maximum of 5 coins per line. It is a cool straightforward game with the main objective being to match the symbols from left to right of the reels on any active payline. The sweet melodious tune in the background is of such superb quality. 

The symbols are a line-up of common fruits such as orange, strawberry, pineapple, cherries and the mixed fruit bonanza image. Other symbols you’ll find are the cloverleaf, horseshoe, a bell, and the legendary number 7.

Number 7, considered to be a magical and lucky number, has its roots in many cultures and religion, hence its use in slots. There is no definite reason or reasons why the number 7 was considered as such but reasons can be a multitude. It is considered a fact that a majority of people has the number 7 as their lucky number.

Fruit Bonanza Slot has a jackpot symbol called the horn of plenty and a scatter symbol which is represented by a small multicoloured disc with the words scatter written on it. Two or more of the scatter symbols on the reels will result in a win. 3 of the Jackpot symbols on any active line will award you the fruit jackpot. Four of the Jackpot symbols on any active line will bring you the Juice Jackpot. Five Jackpot symbols appearing on any line between lines 1 to 8 will award you the Bonanza jackpot. The best of all is the Super jackpot win which you will get if five jackpot symbols on line 9.

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