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Icy Gems

Icy Gems

Introduction to Icy Gems Slot

Crystals and gems are found almost everywhere. Most sandy beaches are actually billions of broken crystals of quartz and most rocks are made of them. Quartz is a type of mineral, that is a substance found in sand, soil and rocks. Did you know that even the salt and sugar in your kitchen are crystals? Several of the most wondrous crystals can be cut and polished to be used as gems. Usually, gemstones are used as decoration or in jewellery. The rarest and loveliest gemstones are highly valuable and are regularly called precious gems.

In more than 2,000 identified natural minerals, less than 100 are used as precious stones and only 16 have gained importance. These are zircon, turquoise, tourmaline, topaz, spinel, quartz, opal, olivine, lazurite, jade, garnet, feldspar, diamond, corundum, Chrysoberyl and beryl. Several of these minerals provide more than one type of gemstone. For example, Beryl provides aquamarines and emeralds while corundum provides sapphires and rubies. In practically all cases, the minerals have to be cut and sophisticated for use in jewellery.

Delve in the gameplay and have some good dosage of fun! This online slot comes with 5 reels and 20 paylines. Filled with gemstones of all colours and sorts, you will enjoy by the bonus rounds on offer. If you have just entered the world of online entertainment, the slot game is great to play! 

Powered by Microgaming, the game comes with gentle and cool music. The action takes place on a blue reel along with a set of static snowflakes. The dozens of symbols that you will encounter on the reels include gems in blue, purple, red and green as well as the Icy Gems logo. Plus, there are the usual Royal Cards Q, K, J and A. Have some fun on Icy Gems Slot.

Key Features and Betting

Get started by altering the preferred bet amount on the Bet field! The betting options range from a minimum of 0.10 up to a maximum of 100.00. The number of lines remains enabled during every spin. In addition, you will find the Quick Spin option in the Advanced Settings. It becomes active by sliding the arrow to the left. It’s the ideal time to have a peek at the captivating features.

The big, golden ‘W is none other than the Wild Card. It chips in all other symbols when lining up on the reels to complete winning combinations. Wondering about the Bonus Symbol? There are no such symbols available in the game. On the left of the reels, you will find the storage box. This comes into play within the Superspin Feature. After each and every win, a symbol from that combo (except for the wilds) will load up 1 of the 3 spaces.

One of the best ways to fill the box is to land 3 successive wins or 2 or 3 wins from a single spin. Usually, following a win, the spin is free. So, load the box and you’ll receive one Superspin which will contain just what’s in the box. Also, there are three available which will depend on the combination of symbols: Stage One Silver – three different symbols, Stage Two Gold – two different symbols or Stage Three Win Big – one symbol.

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