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Jackpot Poker Progressive

Jackpot Poker Progressive

Jackpot Poker is an online table game designed by PlaynGo which can be played at Magical Vegas Casino. The concept of Jackpot Poker is similar to most poker games which are played with 1 standard deck of 52 cards. These cards are re-shuffled after each round. This game includes the basic hand rankings of a poker game to win such as Jacks or Better, 2 Pair, 3 of A Kind, Straight, Flush, Full House, 4 of a Kind, Straight Flush and Royal Flush. The particularity of the game is that you can win a progressive jackpot when you get a Royal Flush with the maximum bet amount.

Betting on Jackpot Poker

You can stake between a minimum of £1 and up to a maximum of £5 per game by clicking on Bet One or Max Bet button, or by clicking on the paytable found on the top right hand side corner of the game. The deal button deals the cards in the appropriate spots while you can click on the hold button if you wish to hold individual cards.  

You will be dealt cards face down, and after placing your bet, these cards will be revealed. You can click on the cards you wish to hold and cards that are not held will be discarded and replaced by new cards when you press the Deal button. The rank of your final five-card hand determines your payout according to the paytable. You have the option of trying to multiply your prize by playing the gamble bonus round up to five times in succession and up to a limit of 1,000 coins. In the gamble bonus game, you require to correctly guess the colour or suit of the face-down card by clicking on the appropriate button. If you guess the colour correctly, you double your prize and if you guess the suit correctly, you quadruple your prize. Prizes displayed on the paytable are multiplied by the denominations.

Hand rankings are Jacks or Better, 2 Pairs where you require to get two pair of card with each pair having matching ranks and one side card, 3 of a Kind where you have three cards of the same rank and two unrelated side cards, Straight which include five cards in sequence, Flush of five cards of the same suit, Full House of three cards of the same rank and two cards of a different matching rank, 4 of a Kind which include four cards of the same rank and one side card, Straight Flush of five cards in numerical order all of identical suits, and finally the best possible flush called Royal Flush which consists of the A, K, Q, J and 10 of a suit.

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