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Lucky Diamonds

Lucky Diamonds

Key Features and Betting

Lucky Diamonds Slot is a 3 reel Slot machine that comes with one pay line. The diamond symbol is the wild symbol which can be substituted for any other symbols to form a winning combination on a winning line.

Diamonds have their origins and formation deep down in the Earth’s crust after undergoing a bombardment of natural heat and pressure. They find themselves near or on the earth’s surface still by natural means or extracted by men in mines. The precious stone that we call a diamond when it is found or extracted has a long way to go before finding its way in the jewellery shop. Nature sometimes works in mysterious and strange ways. The beauty, value and essence of a piece of jewellery will reflect on the diamond or diamonds it comprises. Prior to this a diamond has to be cleaned, cut and polished in which state we call it a rough diamond. The final touch will be the jeweller’s sense of art and knowledge to put the final touch to expose its beauty and value in the most delicate way. You may ask why delicate? The answer is simply that diamonds are women’s best friends. Women adore being offered gifts in diamonds, there will be no engagement and wedding rings without them. You will certainly not be able to cut glass with absolute precision without them. Play on Lucky Diamonds Slot to enjoy this feeling.

The expansion and proliferation of worldwide mining companies worldwide did not go unnoticed in the 19th and 20th century as tools and sophisticated electronic devices were designed and developed to locate previous stones deposits in remote and almost inaccessible arears of the world including the oceans. Responsible specialists such as Chemists, physicists, geologists, Mineralogists, Oceanographers, and Engineers made all this possible.

On Lucky Diamonds Slot are about to undertake this challenge of locating your very own uncut and unpolished diamond or diamonds. All you have to do is to locate them and the extraction will be a child’s play.

While playing on Lucky Diamonds Slot, one or 2 Diamonds will either double or quadruple the normal prize amount for a winning combination respectively. You are awarded the top prize when 3 diamonds line up in the winning combination.  In Lucky Diamonds Slot, you can bet 1, 2 or 3 coins with coin values of 0.25, 0.50, 1.00, and 5.00.

The only fruit symbol is the cherry symbol and then you have the bar symbols , with the single bar symbol in sky blue on a black background, the double bar symbol in yellow on a black background, and finally the triple bar symbol in purple on a black background. The remaining symbol is the legendary 7.

Lucky Diamonds slot has a quick play type sort of structure, the type of game you would probably prefer on your mobile.

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