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Ninja Fruits

Ninja Fruits

Ninjas are trained Japanese assassins and undercover samurai warriors with missions to identify, infiltrate, spy, and destroy the enemy or target. The Ninjas carry many weapons with them, but the most famous and popular is the Japanese sword called the Katana. The katana is a sword which is slightly curved outward with enough space on the grip to accommodate both hands.

Another important weapon of the Ninjas is the Shuriken, which can be literally translated as the sword in the hand and very much referred to as the throwing stars. They are made of high quality metal and are usually in the shape of a five-pointes stars but can also be found in a variety of other shapes but they are all designed to inflict considerate if not a deadly blow to the enemy.

The Geisha brings you the entertainment along with the intrigue, challenge and suspense that await you.  Geisha are trained in the various art of music, dance, and games but are mostly traditional women artists with the sole goal of entertaining its host.

Key Features and Betting

The slot game is a 5 reel 15 payline video slot powered by Play ‘N Go with the option to activate the maximum of 15 lines and up to 5 coins per line. As for the coin values, you have select from £0.01, £0.02, £0.05, £0.10, £0.20 or £0.25. The slots has a Japanese feel theme that involves Ninjas slicing fruits. The reels are set in the main entrance of a pagoda surrounded by a sumptuous garden with pink flowers in blossom.

The wild symbol is the Ninja master, the typical Japanese master with a long beard. The bonus scatter symbol is the shuriken and the free spin scatter symbol is the geisha.  The wild symbol can substitute for any other symbols except the Geisha and the Shuriken to make winning combinations.

Other fruit symbols are the plum, a strawberry, an orange, a pineapple and a melon. The four Ninjas comprises of two male and two females. These Ninjas assassins have for enemies the fruits in endless combat features. You will have the possibility to win up to 150 times your stake here.

The Shuriken appearing on reels 3, 4 and 5 will activate the Hit-the-Fruits bonus game whereby you are given the possibility to throw the shuriken at various fruits. Each fruit that you successfully hit will win you a bonus. When a fruit is missed, the Ninja Master will blow the remaining fruits and the bonus game comes to an end. 

Three of the Geisha scatter symbol appearing on reels 1, 3 and 5 will trigger the free spins on Ninja Fruits Slot. You instantly win 5 times your stake here before you begin your free spins. The Geisha will then reveal a random symbol which will act as a scatter and her fan will open up to disclose the number of free spins that you will be entitled which is 15 free spins. The real entertainment and fun takes place in the free spins feature and the extra scatter feature is of great use here. 

The Geisha will open the doors for you at Magical Vegas to give you full entertainment. Discover the loyalty club once you enter the pagoda of the Ninjas slicing fruits and get rewarded by the Geisha with free spins, monthly loyalty bonuses, daily and weekly paybacks, weekly and monthly free bets amongst many others. 

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