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Find a top game at the best online casino- Magical Vegas. Created by Realistic games, Symmetry slot is a 5 reel, 10 paylines game. Added specially for all slot-lovers, Symmetry slot will take you to a Tetris background. Coloured in green, white and orange, the background of this game created a pattern which boosts the symmetrical theme.

Key Features and Betting

Click on the Menu tab to start Symmetry slot. It will enable you to select your bet value. The +/- signs should be toggled so you can play your preferred bet stake. You will also see the Auto-play tab in the Menu which will enable you to choose either 10, 20, 50 or 100 games to be played on its own. However, you can always select a win limit, so that the games are automatically stopped once this amount has been won. All 10 paylines remain fixed on Symmetry slot.

As for the symbols, you will see Diamond, Red Gem, Blue Gem, Purple Gem, Jackpot logo, number 7, Gold Bars and Stash of Dollars rolling on the 5 reels. You win the highest amount when a combination of 5 Jackpot logos appears. The lowest pay-out comes with a combination of either 5 Purple gems or 5 Blue gems.

You will come across two bonus rounds on Symmetry slot: the standard one and the Symmetry one. The standard bonus game kicks off when all reels are packed with 3-same kind of symbols. Combinations of 3 symbols can be dissimilar on each reel, but all 3 symbols must be the same on a specific reel. As for the symmetry bonus, it starts once all reels are packed with a combination of 3 matching symbols. The symbols should form a symmetrical pattern which means that any two reels should be the same. This feature gives a re-spin where the symbol you select will award a full house. Before the start of a bonus round, any winnings from the base game are added to your total amount.

All the reels of Symmetry slot light up one by one during any of the bonus round. The reel which completely lightens and any other reels which consists of the same symbol will be held while the other reels will spin again to award players with winning combinations. Throughout the standard bonus, the non-held reels might re-spin 3,2 or 1 times to show the selected symbol on each reel. While on the symmetry bonus, all non-held reels will re-spin to show a stack of the chosen symbols, to award full house winnings.

If a full house initiated the feature, the winnings will be awarded and all reels will stand still. Then, another full house winning will be added to your account.

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