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Viking Runecraft

Viking Runecraft

Derived from the Scandinavian languages, the original meaning of the word Viking meant “pirate.” The Viking age began in the 9th century, they were the voyagers of the sea that were from Denmark, Norway and Sweden. Play’n Go has recently developed the video slot game Viking Runecraft Slot that is found at Magical Vegas. The game contains 7x 7 grids with an amazing backdrop and spot on graphics.

Thor, the god of thunder was known as the son of the two most powerful gods. He was fierce, bold, strong and was the protector of humans and other deities. Just like his armour, on Viking Runecraft Slot, you will find symbols such as five low card runes, a Viking necklace, an axe, a hammer and a helmet which all work as a cascade. You will find four wild symbols such as the Wild Odin, Wild Thor, Wild Freya and Wild Heimdall, who are also known as Norse Gods.

Key Features and Betting

The stakes you will be able to place will be from 0.01p to £10.00. Viking Runecraft Slot has different features and all the wins on the game contribute to the meter of destruction which, when the meter is fully charged there are no more cascades. Charging the metre is activated when the following feature are triggered.

Fury Of Fenrir is a feature of Viking Runecraft Slot where 4 diagonal lines of the icons are dropped on the grid, where 2 lines are cut and the other two lines change into another symbol.

Judgment of Jörmungandr is when a large number of symbols is destroyed on a path from one point on the grid to another. On this path, several symbols are transformed into a symbol.

Lure of Loki is a feature when two different symbols are selected. One of the two symbols and the other matching icons are removed from the grid. The remaining symbol and all its matching icons are transformed into another symbol.

Scorching of Surtr is when 3 symbols on the grid is set afire and it spreads to other close by symbols, the burning symbols are destroyed. The burnt symbols are turned into new symbols.

After triggering one of the features above, the Ragnarök feature will be activated on Viking Runecraft Slot, which will award you 1 free spin. If 1 out of the 4 features are triggered, the meter can be charged again. During the Ragnarök feature, an End of The World bonus metre will replace the charge metre. On winning enough symbols on the feature, you will be rewarded with a total win multiplier. 20 symbols = x2 multiplier, 40 symbols = x3 multiplier, 60 symbols = x5 multipliers and 80 symbols = x15 multiplier!

Viking Runecraft Slot involves different gods who each have a unique Gift. The Gift of The Gods feature is randomly triggered in non-winner rounds and creates wilds to help get winning combinations. The God of Thunder Wild turns 5 to 9 selected symbols into wilds. God of Wisdom are 4 wild symbols that are created in two pairs and the wilds are vertically together. Goddess of Beauty is when wilds are created in 4 clusters within a 5x5 grid in the 7x7 grid. God of Guarding is when 7 wild symbols are created and on wild takes over one row.

Runes of Valhalla Bonus feature is triggered when each rune stone forms any 5 combinations. Collect 1 rune stone symbol combo to clear the pattern, during this round you will be able to spin a wheel and hit any field with a blazing rune to win a bonus amount.

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