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Who’s in for some Poker games? This card game is present in all casinos. Poker simply consists of players and a dealer. Crazy4 Poker at Magical Vegas is an easy game. Take a seat and grab your preferred device to start your gameplay at Magical Vegas! Scientific Games is behind the creation of Crazy4Poker! In Poker, you play against the dealer. This game will enhance your online gaming journey! So, ladies and gents, take a seat and start your gameplay! 

Key Features and Betting

Poker game is simple, all you have to do is beat the dealer. You will be given 4 cards plus similar suits, card values, or cards. You need to make an Ante Bet and Super Bonus Wager with similar preferred values. The dealer will deal  5 cards and upon reviewing their cards, players will decide whether to fold or raise their bets. 

There is a level of hands that are as follows:

        - Flush

        - Two Pair

        - Four of a Kind

        - Straight Flush

        - Straight

        - Three of a Kind

        - No Pairs

        - Pair

The cards depend on the bet which players can raise. If the player has a minimum pair of Aces, they can only raise a bet of 1x, 2x, or 3x. The Ante bet is easy. It starts at the beginning of the round. The player must put up the same amount to their Ante bet, or just 1x. At the beginning of the round, players need to get rid of one of their cards. The rest of the 4 cards need to fit against the dealer’s cards, this will decide who has the most valuable cards. 

What might interest you on Crazy4 Poker is the Super Bonus Wager. When you land on this wager, the player hit on a straight or higher. Sounds interesting right? Well… in this round beating the dealer is not needed. When the player gets less, his hand loses and on top of that the wager is lost. 

The paytable on Crazy4 Poker is as follows;

        - Straight: 1 to 1,

        - Flush: 1.5 to 1,

        - Four of a Kind: 30 to 1,

        - Four Aces: 200 to 1.

        - Three of a Kind: 2 to 1,

        - Straight Flush: 15 to 1,


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