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Let It Ride

Let It Ride

Hmmm… Time for something much more than some snapping of cards at Magical Vegas! Yes, it is high time to plunge in a tip-top entertainment. The casino site has got the perfect card game for you! Try Let It Ride, a card game derived from the classic Stud Poker. This one brings a little innovation in terms of gameplay and graphics. Care to check it out? One thing is for sure! The game has got enough up its sleeves to leave you rooted in your seats! Start going for a better hand and challenge the game.

Key Features and Betting

Let It Ride is set on a blue table with clear fonts to depict the various winning possibilities. Grab a seat and let’s get going!

You can play it on your mobile, tablet or desktop device by logging onto your Magical Vegas account. Loaded the game? Here’s what you might want to do. Begin the gameplay by selecting the chips that you want to put at stake.

This card game presents a minimum of 0.10 up to a maximum of 5.00 as chip values. You can always click onto the various chip values at the bottom of the screen to select them and click onto the playing area to wager. As simple as that…

You can go for an optional Side bet known as the 3 Card Bonus. If you’ve set a Side Bet and you obtain a pair or better amongst the three cards that are dealt, you are awarded winnings based on the pay table.

Want to play Let It Ride but don’t know the rules? Worry not. Continue reading! The game uses a 52-card deck that shuffles each round. At the beginning of each round, players will make three bets on the three spots marked with $, 2 and 1. When bets are over, three cards are dealt with the player. Only one of the cards dealt will be face-up.

Now decision time! You will have to decide whether to remove a bet from the area or not. Proceed with Pulling or Let It Ride. After that, another card is revealed, and you will have to select again. This process continues until all cards are revealed. In the end, if the hand is a 10s or better, it is evaluated, and wins are awarded according to the bets that are still active.

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