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The Cash-A-Lot castle is under the threat of a dragon and the only way to save it is to steal some gems. You can help the kingdom to grab some of its riches back by playing Medieval Money Dragon’s Loot Instant Win Game. Unlike slot games, this Instant Win Game does not have any paylines or reels. Plus, instant winnings are awarded on this game. This type of game has been created by the top game provider, IGT. In the backdrop of Medieval Money Dragon’s Loot Instant Win Game, you will see a grassland which is surrounded by green mountains. In the centre of the background, there is a soldier who is preparing to shoot some boulders from his catapult. While the soldier is trying to get back some gems, you will hear royal-like music.

How to play?

Before starting Medieval Money Dragon’s Loot Instant Win Game, you have to place your stake. On the Bet Tab, the various bet amounts you can select from are £10.00, £5.00, £3.00, £2.00 and £1.00. Clicking on your desired stake will have the bet automatically applied. The symbols are: Red Gem, Purple Gem, Blue Gem, Green Gem, Orange Gem and Diamond.

Once your stake has been placed, you will be given seven shots and each one can award some nice winnings. To use the shots, you have to click on the ‘Fire’ Field. Every time the rocks hit the castle, a part of it will be destroyed to reveal up to a maximal of 3 symbols. In the background, there is a wooden display which shows all the available symbols. To grab different prize amounts, you have to collect a specified number of symbols. The winning combination which award prizes are 4 Diamonds, 4 Orange Gems, 5 Blue Gems, 5 Green Gems, 5 Yellow Gems or 6 Red Gems. The prize amounts change depending on your stake.

When the highest bet has been placed, you can respectively win £300,000, £10,000, £1,000, £150, £50 or £10 for combinations of 6 Red Gems, 6 Green Gems, 5 Blue Gems, 5 Yellow Gems, 4 Diamonds or 4 Orange Gems.

There is a feature on Medieval Money Dragon’s Loot Instant Win Game and it is called the Dragon’s Loot Bonus Round. When a boulder hits the castle to reveal the sleeping dragon, this feature is launched. This feature is played on another display which shows the dragon’s chamber which is decorated with gold and 3 sacks. You have to choose one of the three sacks. The chosen sack will then reveal symbols, which will be added to the symbols already collected. If the symbols help to complete a winning combination, the prize amount will be added to your total wins.

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