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Monkey Drop

Monkey Drop

At UK’s online casino- Magical Vegas, you can grab some instant wins on Monkey Drop Instant Win Game. This exclusive game does not consist of any paylines or reels, and is instead made of creative ways of winning. The backdrop of Monkey Drop Instant Win Game shows the architectural buildings of China, which have become home to three lazy sleeping monkeys. The main attraction of the game is a wooden plank packed with small golden balls, and this is where you can win! Made by IGT, Monkey Drop Instant Win Game defies the concept of online games.

Monkeys are intelligent creatures, and scientists have even certified that they can count. These creatures can also feel when a situation is unfair. Just like human beings, monkeys are susceptible to optical illusions. These animals, in fact, are the closest species to mankind. This is so because they are able to do many things like humans. For instance, in Japan, there are monkeys who are waiters in restaurants while in Thailand, monkeys are used as coconut harvesters.

Bettings on Monkey Drop Instant Win Game 

Monkey Drop Instant Win Game can be started only when you have placed your stake. You can choose from £10.00, £5.00, £3.00, £2.00 or £1.00 by toggling the Ticket Cost Tab. For each bet that you place, you have seven drops, and each one can award different winnings.

When Monkey Drop Instant Win Game is activated, you will see a cheeky monkey holding a green ball with his feet, and sliding above the wooden grid. This grid is your gateway to winnings as at its bottom, you will see different coloured tiles. Your aim is to click on ‘Drop’ when the monkey is sliding, so that the ball can reach any of the coloured tiles. If the ball falls into the same tile three times, you have a win. The tiles are green, yellow, pink, blue and red. When you drop the green balls, they will hit again the smaller balls on the wooden planks before reaching any of those tiles. Now, if the green ball falls into the middle tile, you win the bonus round; you can win amazing prizes! You can win different amounts during the base game, depending on your bet, but the topmost win is of 150,000 coins.

On the display, there is a paytable which sits all the coloured tiles, and next to them you will see a banana. These bananas are cut into three parts, and each time a ball falls into one of these tiles, one part will light up. It is only when all the three parts have been lightened up that you win the corresponding amount.

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