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Three Card Poker

Three Card Poker

Poker! It needs no explanation when it comes to the fun gameplay, don’t you think? Well, if you’re a fan of Poker as well or you simply want to give the first go to a Poker game, then you are at the right place! Three Card Poker at Magical Vegas is a poker variation that seems to thrill players with a simple yet fun gameplay. To top it all off, this creation by Scientific Games is fully optimised to run on Mobile, tablet or desktop device. Are you ready to try a round or two of Three Card Poker? There are chances that you will experience a new genre of Casino entertainment.

Key Features and Betting

Three Card Poker is surely entertaining players to such an extent that there are some who are already fans. Well, such is its gameplay. Whenever you log into your Magical Vegas account and load the game, players are exposed to a well-designed game with user-friendly options. The card game also allows players to set the bets of their choice. If you are opting to play Three Card Poker, you will be able to select from a pool of chip values.

Once you are done with the selection of the bets, you can proceed to the game itself! Like other Poker games, you are presented with options that will help you. Options include Ante, Re-Bets, Double and more. These options might prove to be effective when you’re trying to go faster or amplify your experience.

Three Card Poker offers the standard Poker Winning Hands. These include the Straight Flush, Three Of a Kind, Straight, Flush, High Card and Pair. How about checking the pay table to know more about the various winning odds?

Three Card Poker begins with the traditional Poker rules. The dealer will follow the house procedures, dealing the cards to both himself and the player. Check out your hand. In the event you believe that your hand is better than that of the dealer’s, be sure to raise the bets in an attempt to increase the bets if you emerge as the winner.

At the end of the round, hands are compared and then the player is paid accordingly.

Now, Three Card Poker is not only about getting the better hand. Hit an Ace, King and A Queen, all in spades, to trigger the Progressive Jackpot. Of course, you must wager the Progressive Side Bet of £1 to activate it.

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