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3 Hand Casino Hold'em

3 Hand Casino Hold'em

Over the years, the game of Poker has turned into a vague game since there is a number of variations that accompany it. To name some, these would be Texas Hold’ Em, Omaha Hold’Em, Seven Card Stud, Razz, High Low Split, Chinese Poker, 5 Card Draw, Horse, Badugi and loads more. Adding to the variety of poker games is Three Hand Casino Hold’Em by Play ‘N Go, which is available at one of the UK’s online casinos, Magical Vegas Casino.

Did you know that earlier versions of poker were played with only 20 cards? Nowadays, the poker games that the punter society have come to love and enjoy is played with a full deck of 52 cards. However, in the early days the game was limited to 20 cards and four players.

Key Features and Betting

Three Hand Casino Hold ‘Em differs from the other poker games because instead of one hand, three hands are played at a time, giving you three chances to outplay the dealer. On the plus side, having three hands to play in one deck increases your chances of completing them all.

To get your gameplay started, place an Ante Bet on either one, two or all three hands. Betting options are seen at the right-hand bottom of the screen, where you can easily adjust them. Along with the Ante Bet, you can place a special AA Bonus bet. Once you have completed placing your bets, two cards are dealt face up for each of the Active Hands and two cards will Face Down to the Dealer.

In this game, three community cards are then dealt facing upwards. If these cards match any of the hands to create a pair of cards, your AA Bonus Bet is instantly paid out by the dealer. After you’ve been paid your bonus, it is up to you to either Call or Fold your hands. Calling will then result in a Call Bet to be placed for that hand. The dealer then deals the final two community cards facing upwards after Calling or Folding each of your active hands. That is done by using the five community cards or the two cards in each hand.

If your hands are looking better than the dealer’s, you win. If your hands are weaker than the dealer, the dealer wins. Now, if both you and the dealer have equal hands, it’s a Push, where your Call and Ante Bets will be returned to you.

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