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Ultimate Texas Holdem

Ultimate Texas Holdem

Casino enthusiasts, are you ready for your gameplay on Ultimate Texas Hold’Em? It is amongst the most entertaining ones you might experience. This Texas Hold'Em poker variation comes with great gameplay and side bets might give you the casino feeling. Have a whale of time whenever you play this creation of Scientific Games on your mobile, tablet or desktop device.

If you are new to Poker, you might want to know about the card game a bit. Poker is a card game that involves gambling strategy and skill. Of course, some of these mentioned elements of the game may not be included in some Poker games. The game involves hidden cards and some variations offer three core games along with Trips and Progressive Bets. It also involves community cards, and these are known to be the ones that remain hidden until the end of the round. Of course, you are playing against the dealer. Which is why you will not be able to see the hands of the dealer. The aim is to get a better hand than that of the dealer. Side bets are used to pay wins for specific hands that are obtained.

Key Features And Betting

Ultimate Texas Hold’Em can be played on iOS and Android devices. Feel free to log into your account at Magical Vegas to play the game. Do not have an account yet? Register by clicking on the ‘Join Now’ Button. After you have completed the e-form, you will have an account of your own!

Got your account? Log in and load Ultimate Texas Hold’Em. Once the game begins, select the chip value of your choice. On each round, you can set 3 bets of equal value on Ante and Blind section of the betting table. After the bets are placed, you are dealt with 2 cards and the dealer takes two cards. The latter’s cards are known to be faced down.  

At this stage, you can either choose to Check or to place a Bet of 3x or 4x your Ante stake. This will increase the bet values and allow you to yield winnings in the event your hand is a winning one. If you decide to Check, one of your Bets will be removed from the game. Once all the community cards are revealed, the dealer’s hand is revealed and both yours and the dealer’s hand is evaluated for the wins. If the player’s hand is better and beats the dealer’s hand, then the Play and Ante bets win even money. However, if the dealer’s hand is better than that of the player’s, then the Play, Ante, and Blind Wagers are lost. In the event both hands stand on a tie, the bets are pushed.

Players benefit from the Blind Pays if their hand is at least a Straight. If the player beats the dealer with a hand that evaluates to less than a Straight, the Blind Bets are pushed.

Players may also make the Trip Bonus Bet and the Progressive Bet. The Progressive Bet is won if you manage to get a final five-card hand that includes a Full House or better. The highest you can win is awarded when you earn a Royal Flush with the first five cards.

To note, in each round, the deck of cards is shuffled automatically.

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