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Vegas Strip Blackjack

Vegas Strip Blackjack

Ready to drop by Las Vegas to play some blackjack? Vegas Strip Blackjack is a variation of the 21-number game. Blackjack is considered one of the most popular card game around… so popular that it managed to feature on online premises as well. Connect to Magical Vegas Casino and make the most out of Vegas Strip Blackjack.

Like traditional Blackjack, you will get a view of the table and compete with the dealer. The one who has a higher score wins. But remember, you cannot exceed 21 scores! Ready to take up the challenge? Have fun on the Vegas Strip Blackjack.

Key Features And Betting

To play Vegas Strip Blackjack, all you need to do is register for an account at Magical Vegas Casino. Already have one? Log in and let the game start. You are welcomed by a pink blackjack table. The middle section of the table is where the bets are placed.

Find the betting options at the top right section of the screen. You get to click on the bets to adjust it as you want. Chip values start from 1 and increase up to 1000. You can stack chips to increase your bets or set wagers that you’re more comfortable with.

Done with the bets? Click on the middle section of the screen to place it and start the game. The dealer will deal two cards to yourself and himself. Dealer cards include one face up and one face down. As for you, both of them are face up. Based on the score you’ve obtained; you can proceed with the game.

You can Hit your hand to increase the card score. If you think the score is good, then Stand. Got pairs? Split the hand into two. A split hand will get another wager of the same value on it as well. That means you will be playing with two cards instead of one. The Double move is when you want to double the bets.

Wondering the score of each card? Aces become eleven points or one point. If the score is higher than 10, aces are always worth one point. Two to Tens are worth their face values. Kings, Queens and Jacks bring ten points each. The scores remain the same regardless of their suit.

To win a blackjack, you need to get a ten-point card and an ace on your first two cards. If the dealer stands on a blackjack, all hands lost. If the player stands on blackjack, he wins!

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